The castle is preparing to repel the attack. The barbican is reinforced with additional fortifications made of wood. The garrison is on duty on the walls. Refugees from neighboring villages unsuccessfully try to persuade the guard to open the gate. But in the event of a siege, every crumb of bread counts.
This castle was built to control an important trade route. And now, at this turbulent time, the passage is closed. At the intersection, the guard sends everyone to take a detour. The guards are protected by ballista and archers on the wall. They are not afraid of anyone and curse every passer-by.
There is reliable information that the lord of this castle has enriched himself well during this time and is going to soon export gold to his estate. Robbers from all over the area immediately hid in the forests in anticipation of such a fat prey. We could offer escort and protection of gold on the way, but the lord will hardly entrust us with such a task. We could lighten the chest before the gold is sent to the bandits out of the way. You just need to sneak inside the fortress, right into the lord's house.

Castle [64x88]

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